Toronto based artist hailing from one of the most vibrant cultures which inhabit the Indian Himalayan mountains, Lady Parul is an artist and force to be reckoned with, someone who truly embodies a mountaineer’s spirit within her music. Singing about awakenings, spirituality, humanity and environmental health, Parul is a strong believer in using music and art to heal. 


She has performed in many stages and used to be the front songwriter/singer for the band Koel and the Twin Otters. They released a mix genre album 'Animals' in 2013 with the single 'You Came and Left'. 

In 2017, she released the songs 'I am Who I am' and 'Beloved' as a solo artist in collaboration with producer Arnaud Hery. After the release of the songs, Arnaud and Parul worked on 'Bleu', Lady Parul's official Debut EP, released in April 2020.


Parul is an independant artist who produces, songwrites, sings and creates visuals to promote her message. 

'Nothing but Something' is her first independently produced track. It is a song about the spectrum of life on Earth and it is designed to make you feel uncomfortable and tingle. [LISTEN HERE] 


DEHRADUN / Toronto / Kuujjuaq