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Parul was not always a singer. She loved music but her first passion in life was art. This led her to pursue a career in Architecture and Design. She loved being able to create art that people could live inside! However, this career choice was short lived. After working in the field for a few years, Parul decided to pursue a career in music, most specifically in singing and songwriting, where she felt she had a purpose to fulfill

This change did not come easily. Parul struggled for many years to determine her own musical expression, purpose and connection to what she was meant to do in life, as well as come to terms with leaving behind the career she had invested so much time in. She wondered if there was any way she would be able to find a way to combine her passions. If she would be able to overcome feeling so lost.  

Luckly, in 2013, Parul traveled to India for the first time in 20 years and got to experience the feeling of HOME. This trip deeply changed her perspective on life and happiness. She quickly realized how the struggle of being a refugee or a displaced person with out a connection to your ancestral home can bring such turmoil and pain into ones life. How it can cause inter-generational trauma to pass through, mental distress and sadness. This inspired her to further study World History by exploring ancient societies, politics, architecture, archaeology, anthropology, psychology and spirituality. She also studied the affects of how colonialism, capitalism and environmental destruction affected People and the overall health of the World. This lead her to become a strong advocate and supporter of Indigenous Rights not only in Canada but Worldwide. Parul became a strong advocate for Decolonizing the History books and Decolonizing the mind. 

 Lady Parul / Shakuntala Vibe is a South Asian Canadian Singer/Songwriter, Music and Art Producer based from Toronto (currently exploring Northern Nunavik). Born in Dehra Dun, India, Parul is an advocate for decolonization of our World. As a first generation Indian Canadian, Parul was intrigued to learn about not only her own heritage but also the heritage of the original Indigenous People of Canada. While uncovering her own history, she realized how big of an impact colonialism had on people's self worth, self image, community/nations mental and physical health, wealth distribution, income and equality, environmental impact and overall well being.  







Lady Parul is an artist and force to be reckoned with, someone who truly embodies a mountaineer’s spirit within her music. Singing about awakenings, spirituality, humanity and environmental health, Parul is a strong believer and advocate for using music to heal, uplift and inspire. 

In 2017, she released the songs 'I am Who I am' and 'Beloved' as a solo artist in collaboration with producer Arnaud Hery. After the release of the songs, Arnaud and Parul worked on 'Bleu', Lady Parul's official Debut EP, released in April 2020.


Parul is an independant artist who produces, songwrites, sings and creates visuals to promote her message. 

'Nothing but Something' is her first independently produced track. It is a song about the spectrum of life on Earth and it is designed to make you feel uncomfortable and tingle. [LISTEN HERE] 

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