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Welcome, you've been invited to listen to the exclusive preview of 'Bleu'

'Bleu' is a carefully crafted EP of four songs written from the perspective of a time travelling Yogi who is here to examine the state of the Earth before the Great Spiritual Awakening. These songs are the Yogi's own reflection on what they know and what they hope the people would, sooner or later, inevitably realize. 


Music by Arnaud Héry (O U R S O N)

Lyrics by Lady Parul

Mix and Mastered by Kyle Watt

Recorded at Post Office Sound studios in Toronto


ABOUT Lady Parul

Hailing from one of the most vibrant cultures which inhabit the Indian Himalayan mountains, Lady Parul is an artist and force to be reckoned with, someone who truly embodies a mountaineer’s spirit within her music.


Her songs about protecting waterways and trees, along with finding spirituality and peace through nature, self love and self realization, are just some of the ways her music promotes healing and evokes thoughtful messages.


Trained as an architect but born into a musical family, singing came naturally to her. However, her inspiration to write songs that promote healing and conversation came after she returned to Toronto after living in Nunavut for 4 years.


Within that timeframe, working in architecture and performing with her then band, Koel and the Twin Otters, she was mainly making feel-good tunes for local parties and get-togethers, not realizing how big of an impact the North would have on her. As she learned more about the Inuit, she also learned about their dark history and the impact colonization had on them as well as on the other groups of  First Nations and Métis.  She could feel the privilege she had as an outsider over the people who were originally from that part of the World. She could feel and see the double standards and imbalance of how people treated one another and how trauma impacted human beings.


“It’s odd to go to a place, where without the help of the locals, you would never survive, and yet you are still looked at to be superior. It’s similar to those who come to climb Mount Everest. They use local sherpas to carry their stuff up and down the mountain, risking their lives, advising the foreigners of when and how to climb, getting them rescue and feeding them yet, do we know their names? The sherpas are often forgotten and it’s time we recognize local people and communities for their importance. It's time we recognize and show respect to all the communities around the World who've been taken advantage of and help uplift them in any way possible.” - Parul


Becoming aware of the ongoing issues faced by Indigenous People today was a crucial point in Paruls’ development as an artist. It sparked her journey into reflecting upon her own South Asian history, culture, privilege, struggles and responsibility to this World. She knew she could no longer stay silent and had to use her voice to help people realize how important it was to heal, reflect and grow.


“If you aren’t making something meaningful that will create a positive impact on this World, then why create anything at all…” - Parul


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